The surplus food in your business can be donated, sold or recycled.

What is Whole Surplus?

Whole Surplus is an effective waste management platform for businesses.  It creates economic and social value from surplus food by managing the unsold products (food) of the businesses in the most effective way.

Features and Benefits



Valuable time can be saved in process tracking and reporting by managing existing waste management through Whole Surplus platform.


Expand Your Network

Existing waste management can be advanced by creating a network for sales, donations and recycling.

Create Your Network

Company-wide processes for waste management system can be established through Whole Surplus platform, processes and relations can be easily developed and businesses can make use of efficient management and reporting services provided by the platform.

Step by Step Tracking

View Documents

Step-by-step waste management and job assignments can be conducted; and retrospective document and report viewing are possible though the platform.

Report and Analysis

Data analyses and reports regarding the waste management, food donations and recycling can be obtained from the platform.

Control Reports and Donation Receipts E-Archive


Control reports and receipts of completed donations can be searched in the system and these documents can be printed.


All the documents are kept in the system for 5 years for the businesses.


The platform provides businesses’ accounting departments with the easiest way to track the whole donation process centrally.

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