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In 2015, the United Nations decided on a Global Goals for Sustainable Development, to reach until 2030. In addition to the United Nations, governments and companies in private sector have supported these goals.

Whole Surplus, was founded  in 2015, by Olcay Silahlı and Arda Eren with the idea of ​​finding solutions through a technology-based initiative to the Climate Action. Food waste causes 8% of the carbon emission that leads to climate change. Our founders officially established Whole Surplus in 2016 with the aim of creating technology-based solutions to reduce food waste in the food supply chain by 50% until 2030. From the first day, they have started to create food waste awareness in the private sector, and aimed to set an example for the formation of new start ups.

While avoiding food waste, Whole Surplus have supported circular economy by helping  2 important Sustainable Development Goals, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Zero Hunger. Thanks to its successful infrastructure, Whole Surplus was one of the 9 start ups and the only Turkish start up that was supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) the Accelerate 2030 Program. And it was invited to Geneva Social Good Summit in 2017.

In the last century, government institutions, associations or nonprofit organizations are not capable of dealing with all social problems by them. Whole Surplus believes that profit making companies and private sector are as responsible as other institutions to solve social problems and they should change their business model.

The United Nations emphasizes the importance of impact oriented initiatives for achieving global goals on the road to 2030. Whole Surplus aims to reduce its partners’  carbon emissions  caused by food waste by 50% until 2030, and is determined to reach its goal by taking the necessary steps.

Whole Surplus, was established with the vision of investing in the development of food banking system and technological solutions to food waste with its sustainable financial model. And also helps its stakeholders to profit from social work.

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WholeSurplus is one of 9 initiatives selected worldwide to be supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

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